How to combat insomnia?

22 February 2021Sleep, Tips, Well-being

Insomnia is a serious illness, in some cases chronic, affecting 1 in 5 French people. If you have difficulty sleeping, wake up at night and sometimes have difficulty falling asleep, if you wake up too early in the morning and feel tired, you may suffer from insomnia. Insomnia affects your daily life. During the day, … Read More

Terraillon goes green!

22 February 2021Environment, Kitchen

Environmental pollution is one of the major problems in our world. We know that humans have an impact on it and we know the challenges of protecting it: reducing our carbon emissions, stop polluting our ecosystems and preserving our natural resources… It is everyone’s responsibility to achieve these objectives. SIMPLE ACTIONS We can all work … Read More

How can I sleep better?

22 February 2021Sleep

Our body and our activity are governed by our biological clock, which sets the rhythm of our days. In particular, humans are subject to the circadian rhythm: a biological rhythm lasting 24 hours, which defines the alternation between wakefulness and sleep. It is our internal clock that determines this cycle, influenced by many external factors … Read More

All about electrical stimulation

22 February 2021Health, Tips

What is electrotherapy? Electrotherapy appeared in 1960 among healthcare professionals, and is a natural and pain-free method. Electrotherapy is a treatment that uses low electrical currents on the body to relieve pain and stimulate and strengthen muscles. This technology is used in neurology, for nervous system rehabilitation and increasingly in sports. This method is natural … Read More

How to choose your scale?

22 February 2021Choose Well, Tips

Tracking your weight, monitoring your body mass index, gaining muscle mass, losing fat, etc. There are many scales on the market that meet different needs. It is difficult to navigate this wide variety of scales: mechanical, electronic, BMI calculation, body fat analysis and body composition analysis, connected scale, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, etc. Terraillon – … Read More