What is electrotherapy?

Electrotherapy appeared in 1960 among healthcare professionals, and is a natural and pain-free method. Electrotherapy is a treatment that uses low electrical currents on the body to relieve pain and stimulate and strengthen muscles. This technology is used in neurology, for nervous system rehabilitation and increasingly in sports. This method is natural and pain-free.

How does electrotherapy work?

Electrotherapy uses an electrical current that flows between two plates, which act as electrodes, and is conducted through the skin to two types of tissue: either muscles for rehabilitation purposes or nerves for pain relief.

Why does electric current relieve pain?

  1. 1. Gate control theory: formulated by the creators of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), Ronald Melzack and Patrick Wall.
    TENS attacks pain at its source by sending electrical impulses into nerve endings, reducing pain by blocking signals to the brain.
  2. Endogenous analgesics: endogenous analgesics are pain-relieving substances that the body naturally produces according to its needs.
    Their production would be stimulated by the passage of electrical current through the nerves.
  3. A combination of 1 and 2.

What is electrical stimulation used to treat?

Persistent pain with TENS sending electrical impulses to specific areas of the body to relieve localised pain by stimulation of nerve endings. Ideal for localised pain: legs, joints, neck, back, shoulders, arms.
Muscle stimulation with EMS: relaxes muscles that are too tense on an injury, or conversely stimulates them while waiting to be able to do active work. Ideal for training, recovery and endurance. Improves blood circulation.

Who is electrical stimulation for?

In France, 27% of men and 36% of women regularly experience back pain. Several factors are related to back pain, stress, anxiety, working conditions, height, weight, etc. This type of device is therefore prescribed for people suffering from neuropathic pain.

Initially used by physiotherapists and elite athletes seeking performance during training, EMS is now available to individuals to relieve chronic pain.

The main advantages of Terraillon products: Three electrostimulation modes

TENS: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation – For pain relief
Transcutaneous electrical neurostimulation attacks pain at its source by sending electrical impulses to the nerve endings.

  • Ideal for localised pain: legs, joints, neck, back, shoulders, arms
  • Relieves pain without medication or adverse effects

EMS: Electrical Muscle Stimulation – To stimulate muscles
Muscle electrical stimulation uses electrical impulses to contract muscles to improve and facilitate muscle performance.

  • Ideal for training, recovery and endurance
  • Improves blood circulation

MASSAGE: To relax muscles
This function mimics manual massage to promote relaxation and reduce muscle tension.

  • Ideal after or before a training session to relax muscles.
  • Relaxes muscles for a relaxing effect and well-being

There are many different forms of electrical stimulation devices, such as multifunction, abdomen, neck and shoulders, armbands, etc.

Did you know?
Terraillon offers electrical stimulation products to improve blood circulation, relieve pain, promote recovery after exertion and relax muscles. EASY CARE, TRIO CARE and POWER STEPPER* are easy-to-use and efficient multipurpose electrical stimulation devices (TENS/EMS/MASS). They are tested and approved by the B&B Hotels-Vital Concept professional cycling team.

*Class IIa medical device. Before use, read the instructions carefully and always consult your doctor if in doubt.

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