Environmental pollution is one of the major problems in our world. We know that humans have an impact on it and we know the challenges of protecting it: reducing our carbon emissions, stop polluting our ecosystems and preserving our natural resources… It is everyone’s responsibility to achieve these objectives.


We can all work on this individually. You can reduce your carbon footprint by, for example, switching on your heating later in the year and turning it down a few degrees at night, remembering to turn off the lights, or riding a bike or using public transport instead of a car whenever possible.

Sorting waste, having a pocket ashtray with you, or even buying loose products are actions that make a difference. These actions have an even greater impact if they are repeated by millions of responsible citizens.

With this in mind, at Terraillon we asked ourselves how we could contribute to this effort to protect the planet. Focusing on being more responsible, we have thought long and hard about our impact as a company and have come up with concrete solutions and short, medium and long-term goals.


Terraillon has therefore designed a new range of “green” products, putting the brand in a resolutely more responsible approach: Kitchen scales with recycled packaging, greener food or more natural material.

Dynamo Glass: elegant and durable

The Dynamo Glass kitchen scale catches the eye with its clean design. But its main appeal lies in the way it is powered. This scale works with either dynamo or kinetic energy, making it highly durable. This scale can be started by simply turning the dynamo-display. It then functions like a conventional scale.

Technically, how does a dynamo work? A coil is rotated in the magnetic field of a magnet, creating voltage in the coil wires. This voltage is collected and applied to a closed circuit, generating an induced current that is infinitely renewable.

No more battery failure and no more sorting problems: over 50% of batteries are poorly recycled, making them a real source of pollution.

The Dynamo Curve Grey and Blue duo: functional and green

With the Dynamo Curve scale, we have opted for an eye-catching retro design. The detachable weighing platform makes it quick and convenient to use. Like Dynamo Glass, Dynamo Curve is powered by kinetic energy, a simple rotation of the front dynamo allowing for two minutes of use. And because we leave nothing to chance, the tilted position of the rotating dynamo on which the display is placed allows comfortable reading, even for the youngest.

Bamboo: light and environmentally friendly

With the Bamboo kitchen scale you will find all the classic features of a battery-powered kitchen scale, but what we particularly love about it is its natural bamboo platform, which allows us to offer you a scale that is lighter and therefore uses less energy during transport. What’s more, its modern look will perfectly match your interior: discreet on wooden worktops, and a design feature on marble or granite ones.


For this brand new range of green products, our packaging has had a redesign: recycled and recyclable cardboard, and elimination of the single-use plastic bag which is a major source of pollution (50% of plastic pollution on land is due to single-use plastic).


1% for the planet1% FOR THE PLANET COMMITMENT

And that’s not all: Terraillon is committed to the environment and joined the 1% For The Planet collective in 2020, demonstrating its desire to offer more environmentally friendly products to its consumers in the coming years, as well as to financially support concrete ecological projects. Thanks to this approach, Terraillon is committed to donating 1% of its annual turnover from The Green Collection to the Surfrider Foundation Europe. As a benchmark in the fight to protect the ocean and its users, this association carries out several tasks, in particular to combat pollution.

Learn more: https://surfrider.eu/ 



Terraillon wants to strive to limit its impact on the environment even more. Our teams work on this every day and many initiatives are planned for 2021.

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